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Learn what your mammogram results mean and what further testing might be required.

After your screening appointment a radiologist will review your mammogram to determine if it is normal, or if you require further tests. About 95% of women attending our program have normal results. Of the women who go for further tests, most will not have breast cancer.

You and your health care provider will be notified by BreastCheck of the results of your mammogram within 2 weeks. Sometimes there is a delay if we have to ask for your previous mammogram from another clinic.

Normal Results

Most women’s mammogram results will be normal and they will be asked to return to BreastCheck in 2 years for another screening mammogram.

Some women may be asked to return in 1 year. The most common reasons for this are:

  • Strong family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer.

  • The radiologist thinks it is best for the woman to come more often based on their assessment.

  • It is the woman’s first mammogram and we don't have other x-ray films to compare.

BreastCheck will send you a letter reminding you when it is time to book your next appointment. Please call us if you do not receive a letter.

If you notice changes in your breasts between regular screening appointments please see your health care provider even if you had a normal mammogram.

Abnormal Results

An abnormal result means there are changes in your breast that need to be looked at more closely.

If you have an abnormal result on your screening mammogram you will need to have further tests. BreastCheck will arrange the next appointment, contact you by phone with the information, and send you and your health care provider a confirmation letter about your appointment.


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